Hayden B. Baldwin
Retired Master Sergeant Illinois State Police

Biographical Sketch
Hayden B. Baldwin, BS, CSCSA, F.B.I.N.A.

Hayden B. Baldwin retired at the end of 1998 from the Illinois State Police after a 30 year career. He held the rank of Master Sergeant and was employed as a Crime Scene Supervisor. As a Crime Scene Supervisor his responsibilities included the daily supervision of 7 crime scene investigators in the Chicago area. His crime scene unit handles several hundred death investigations each year. He has more than 18 years experience in crime scene investigations, the last 10 years as the supervisor. He graduated from the Illinois State Police Academy in 1970.

Mr. Baldwin received a BS in Criminal Justice Management from the LaSalle University in Mandeville, LA. He graduated from the F.B.I. National Academy in 1990, Session 162nd and is Certified by the International Association for Identification in 1990 as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst. He is the Past President of the Illinois Division of the I.A.I. and Past Chair for the Crime Scene Certification Committee. He also served on several committees for the International Association for Identification, including the Instructor Certification Committee, the Management Advisory Board, and a consultant to the Forensic Artist Certification Committee. He is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor. He is also a Certified Computer Composite Artist. He is a nationally recognized expert in the recovery of human remains.

Mr. Baldwin teaches courses in Crime Scene Processing, Crime Scene Investigation, 1st Responder, Forensic Evidence for Managers, Crime Scene Photography, Death Investigations, Crime Scene Management, the Recovery of Human Remains and Forensic Computer Composites. He has taught at several Universities, Colleges, Police Academies throughout the country, including the F.B.I. Academy. He has guest lectured on several occasions at symposiums, conferences and seminars. He was responsible for the co-training of all Illinois State Police Crime Scene Investigators and was extensively involved in developing their training manual and training program.

Mr. Baldwin has several articles published in the field of crime scene investigation. He is the author and publisher of "A Law Enforcement Manual for the Recovery of Human Remains". Mr. Baldwin also is sought as a consultant on crime scenes, locally, nationally and Internationally.

In April 1999 Mr. Baldwin was the founder of a new organization, ICSIA, International Crime Scene Investigators Association. ICSIA was created as a web based Association to serve the needs of the crime scene investigators anywhere in the world. He currently serves as Executive Director of ICSIA.

Mr. Baldwin is also the Forensic Adviser for Jamaica and Goias, Brazil.

Professional Organizations and Associations include: International Association for Identification, Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, International Association of Blood Pattern Analysts, International Homicide Investigators Association, High Technology Criminal Investigators Association, Midwest Homicide Investigators Association, Illinois Division of I.A.I.

All Classes are for Law Enforcement Agencies

I have developed several programs that I teach throughout the country, all are crime scene related courses. All training classes requires a host agency. The host agency will be responsible for securing a facility, providing the audio/video equipment, advertising the class and work with Forensic Enterprises, Inc. to provide the needs of the instructors for the classroom. The host agency in return will get two free slots for the class. An example of these courses are the following:

All courses are held in your area, on your time frame and at a reduced cost to your agency, both in dollar amounts and manpower loss. I can customize any course to fit the needs of your agency. Please call or e-mail me for further information.
Forensic Crime Scene Consultant
Specializing in Interpretation/Reconstruction of the case/incident.

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