Hayden B. Baldwin
Forensic Consultant
My background and training can be seen on my full resume.

Interpretations of crime scenes or incidences is based on the facts developed in the case. These facts are derived from both physical and testimonial evidence. The facts are  then documented in the form of notes, reports, sketches and photography. The review and interpretation of the incidences are based on this documentation or the lack of it.

I am a generalist in crime scene investigations and case/incident review. My services involve the review of previous case / incident documents providing the basis for interpretation of the documented facts. This interpretation can then be used to prove or disprove the theory of the case or provide crucial information on what further forensic analysis may be required.

To provide such analysis I'll need the following items for case / incident review:

          1. Photographs of the incident or crime scene

          2. A copy of the initial report

          3. A copy of the evidence receipt

          4. If a death investigation, then a copy of the autopsy report,
             diagram and photographs is required.

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  Last updated 01/2018