15774 S. LaGrange Rd, PMB 385
Orland Park, IL  60462

      Director of Forensic Enterprises, Inc.
      Retired (12/98) Master Sergeant with the Illinois State Police,  assigned to the Division of Forensic Services, Bureau of Crime Scene Services as a Crime Scene Supervisor for Region I.
      LaSalle University, Mandeville, LA B.S., Criminal Justice Management
      Graduated Illinois State Police Academy - October 1970
      Criminal Investigation School - September 1975
      Field Training Officers Program - June 1979
      Promoted to the rank of Corporal - February 1980
      Basic Supervisors School - October 1980
      Transferred to Crime Scene Services - December 1980
      720 Hours of Crime Scene Processing - March 1981
      Advanced Fingerprint Identification - April 1981
      Blood Spatter Interpretation Training - June 1981
      Law Enforcement Photography - March 1982
      Basic and Advanced Arson Investigation - July 1982
      Promoted to the rank of Sergeant - March 1983
      Instructor Development School - August 1984
      Portable Argon-ion Laser Operator - May 1986
      Promoted to Crime Scene Field Supervisor - January 1987
      Dimensional Management Training - February 1987
      Advanced Reconstruction Techniques - October 1989
      Laser / ALS Training - October 1990
      Promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant - March 1991
      Master Sergeant's Supervisory School - March 1991
      Compusketch & Compuscene Computer Training - June 1992
      Computer Crime Investigations - July 1994
      Crime Scene Reconstruction - 11/96
      National Academy Graduate, Session 162nd - Sept. 1990
      Advanced Evidence Collection, FBI Academy - Sept. 1991
      Digital Imaging - 04/00
      Crime Scene Videotaping - 11/00
      Preliminary Criminal Investigations
      Latent Print Processing
      Basic Law Enforcement Photography
      Crime Scene Protection
      Crime Scene Processing
      Processing Arson Scenes
      Arson Photography
      Techniques in the Recovery of Human Remains
      Crime Scene Management
      Violent Crimes Investigation
      Crime Scene Reconstruction
      Innovative Techniques in Crime Scene Processing
      Forensic Light Techniques
      Computer Composites
      Impression Evidence
      Latent Print Evidence
      Three Dimensional Documentation of Crime Scenes
      3D Photography and Videography
      Crime Scene Investigation; Basics to High Technology
      High Technology in Crime Scene Investigations
      Crime Scene Digital Photography
      Crimes Involving Vehicles

      Lead Instructor and responsible for curriculum development for the Crime Scene Technicians Program, Advanced Crime Scene Technicians Program and other crime scene courses at the Criminal Justice Institute, Forensic Science & Computer Education Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.

      Instructor and developer of 9 month Scenes of Crimes Training Program and Forensic Adviser for the Jamaican Constabulary Force in Kingston, Jamaica

      Instructor and developer of the 1 year training program for Scenes of Crimes in Belize City, Belize.

    • Belize National Forensic Science Services, Belize City, Belize
    • Jamaican Constabulary Force, Kingston, Jamaica
      Goias Civil Police -  Goiania, Goias, Brazil 

      F.B.I. Training Academy - Quantico, Virginia
      Oklahoma District Attorneys Training Council - Tulsa, Oklahoma
      Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy - Arlington, Virginia
      Central Shenandoah Criminal Justice Academy - Waynesboro, Virginia
      University of New Haven - West Haven, Connecticut
      University of Arkansas, Criminal Justice Institute-Little Rock, Arkansas
      Valencia Community College - Orlando, Florida
      Arizona Identification Council - Scottsdale, Arizona
      U.S. Attorney's Office Training Committee - Hammond, Indiana
      McHenry Community College - Crystal Lake, Illinois
      Joliet Community College - Joliet, Illinois
      Kankakee Community College - Kankakee, Illinois
      Thornton Community College - South Holland, Illinois
      Moraine Community College - Palos Hills, Illinois
      Multi Regional Law Enforcement Training Team - Aurora, Illinois
      Mobile Law Enforcement Training Team - Charleston, Illinois
      Northern Illinois Training Advisory Board - Rockford, Illinois
      Illinois Valley Crime Prevention Commission - Princeton, Illinois
      Northwest Illinois Criminal Justice Commission - Dixon, Illinois
      Cook County Forest Preserve Police - Markham, Illinois
      Will Co. Chiefs of Police Assoc. - New Lenox, Illinois Lake Co.
      Chiefs of Police Assoc. - Gurnee, Illinois
      DuPage Juvenile Officer's Association - Oakbrook, Illinois
      Midwestern Assoc. of Forensic Scientists - Peoria, Illinois
      Inter. Assoc. of Firearm & Toolmark Examiners - DuPage,
      Illinois Inter. Assoc. for Identification - St. Louis, Mo., Orlando Fl., Atlantic City, NJ., Scottsdale, AZ.,
           Greenville, N.C., Danvers, MA., Milwaukee, WI.
      Illinois Division of the International Association for Identification - Joliet, St. Charles, Peoria, 
           Champaign, Collinsville, Mt Vernon,  Illinois
      Indiana Division of the International Association for Identification - Indianapolis, IN
      Wisconsin Identification Council - Kenosha, Wisconsin
      International Fire Photographers Assoc. - Harvey, Illinois
      Central Illinois Valley Fireman's Assoc. - Ottawa, Illinois
      Midwest Homicide Investigators Association - Oakbrook, Illinois
      Blue Island Part Time Training Academy - Blue Island, Illinois
      Palos Heights Pd. Cadet Academy - Palos Heights, Illinois
      5th District Investigators Group - Chicago Ridge, Illinois
      Illinois Coroners Association - Ottawa, Illinois
      Illinois State Police Training Academy - Springfield, Illinois
      Illinois Department of Corrections Academy - Springfield, Illinois
      Illinois State Police, Division of Internal Investigation - Springfield, Illinois
      Illinois Department of Mental Health - Springfield, Illinois
      Argonne National Laboratory - Argonne, Illinois
      University Of Illinois-Chicago Campus - Chicago, Illinois
      Chicago Police Department Training Academy - Chicago, Illinois
      Middle Atlantic Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network - LaPorte, Indiana
      Crime Scene Reconstruction - Albuquerque, New Mexico
      International Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Association
      Arkansas Division of I.A.I.
      Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction Conference - Kansas City, Kansas
      Mississippi Division of I.A.I. - Oxford, MS
      Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst with I.A.I.
      Certified Instructor with the Illinois State Police
      Certified Law Enforcement Instructor with the Illinois Department of Education and Registration
      Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, State of Arkansas
      Certified Computer Composite Artist Instructor, Visatex Corporation
      Three (3) ISP District Certificates of Recognition
      Three (3) ISP District Certificates of Commendation
      Meritorious Service Award from the Orland Park Police Department
      Directors Commendation from the Illinois State Police
      Directors Award of Merit from the Illinois State Police
      Capital Citation from the State of Arkansas
      Eighty (85) Letters of Commendation and Recognition from Local, County, State, and
          Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
      International Crime Scene Investigators Association (ICSIA)
      F.B.I. National Academy Association (FBINA)
      International Association for Identification (IAI)
      Illinois Division of the International Association for Identification (IDIAI)
      International Homicide Investigator's Association (IHIA)
      International Association Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (IABPA)
      Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction (ACSR)
      High Technology Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA)
      Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC)
      Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA)
      Retired State Police Association (RSPA)
      Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 41 (FOP)
          Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, Academic Press, London - June 2000, Co-Author
          "Crime-Scene Investigation and Examination: Contamination", " Crime-Scene Investigation and 
           Examination: Preservation", "Crime-Scene Investigation and Examination: Recovery of  Human
Article, "Crime Scene Investigation", THE INVESTAGATOR magazine, Queensland, Australia, April 2001
      Author and Publisher of a "LAW ENFORCEMENT MANUAL FOR THE RECOVERY OF HUMAN REMAINS", April 1990

      Article "Bio Hazardous Waste, A Crime Scene Perspective" National Police Review, Volume 1 Number 1, Louisville, Kentucky.

      Article "The Recovery of Human Remains, A Crime Scene Perspective", National Police Review, Volume 1 Number 2, Louisville, Ky.

      Several articles for the Illinois Division of International Association for Identification Newsletter, appearing in the Crime Scene Corner section.

      Article "Photography Techniques with a Forensic Light Source", Bloodhound Gazette, Volume 1, Lynn Peavey Company, Kansas City, Kansas

      Article "Photographing Footwear with a Light Source", Numerous publications, including the Southern California Laser Group's Newsletter, Lightning Powder Company issue of Minutia, Georgia Division of I.A.I. Newsletter and the Arizona Identification Council's Newsletter.

      Article "Crime Scene Interpretation," THE SCENE (Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction Newsletter), Vol. 5, No. 2, April 1998, p. 9.

      Contributor and consultant on several articles for Law Enforcement Technology

      Contributor to the Omnichrome Training Manual, Orlando Police Department's Investigator's Field Notebook and the Illinois State Police Bureau of Crime Scene Services Training Manual.

      Creator of folding Crime Scene Check List card used Internationally by law enforcement agencies. Handout material used by local, county, state, federal and international Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the World.

      Numerous Crime Scene Articles posted and quoted on the internet in various web sites.

      Numerous Federal, State, County and Local Law Enforcement Agencies
      Professional Organizations Worldwide
      Private Consultant on Civil and Criminal Cases
      Consultant and Adviser to Superintendent Civil Police, Goias, Brazil
      Consultant and Adviser for the Jamaican Constabulary Force, Kingston, Jamaica
    • Adviser and Trainer for the National Forensic Scientific Services, Belize City, Belize
ICSIA, International Crime Scene Investigators Association
FEINC, Forensic Enterprises, Inc.

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